Lighting The Way

Last week when we shared our new look dining room and kitchen with you, you may have also noticed a new little addition to the room.

We have light! Brooklyn Floor Lamp

It may sound weird to get so excited about having a new lamp, but having not had proper light in the room for a while, makes you really appreciate the ease of just flicking a switch and instantly being able to see what you’re doing! Brooklyn Floor Lamp

We’ve always loved the classic Anglepoise lamp, but at around £2000 for the giant version, it’s just way out of budget. This beauty on the other hand is the Brooklyn giant floor lamp from (it’s also available in silver and black) and at only £99 an absolute bargain.

The base is really heavy, so the lamp stays really stable even when adjusting it and it is perfect lighting for cuddling up on the sofa and reading a book or writing our next blog posts. Brooklyn Floor Lamp

Unlike the classic Anglepoise where you can swivel the head in all directions, on this lamp you can only swivel up and down. Whilst it would be great to be able to swivel it all around, it’s really not a major issue and considering it’s about £1900 cheaper than its counterpart, it’s definitely a feature that we’re happy to skip. Brooklyn Floor Lamp

With all of the building work and most of our budget always being spent on really unexciting jobs like plastering, plumbing and roofing, it’s really to be able to treat ourselves to something fun and pretty for a change.

Do you love our new lamp as much as we do? Have you treated yourself to anything pretty lately?

*We weren’t compensated for this review, we just truly love this lamp! On the rare occasions that we do share a product review we always post our honest opinions.


  1. says

    Do you ever catch it hopping around and then stopping to look at you like the Pixar lamp? I think that I would find myself sneaking up on it hoping to catch it in motion one day. It is a great fixture. I love, love, love it! And the price is awesome. Whenever you get sick of it I will pay for shipping for it to come live with me. :)

    • says

      Haha, not caught it yet – will keep my eyes open! We really love it, too – not much chance of us getting sick of it I’m afraid 😉

  2. Chic Concept says

    Totally agree that these giant anglepoise type lamps are wonderful.

    I read in bed every night and was starting to think I needed glasses… then I got a lamp like this and suddenly my eyesight was A1 again!

    Agreed, the original is very pricey – i got something like this from Argos of all places for around £60. A real bargain!

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